BLA named “Best Curator” by New Times

From the “Best Of 2013” Issue of the Broward and Palm Beach New Times:

“The Bedlam Lorenz Assembly is the perfect example of what happens when South Florida produces motivated, artistically inclined talents and they don’t jump ship for New York or L.A. Composed of seven young movers and shakers in the art scene, the BLA first came together to help raise funds for the new Young at Art Museum in Davie. In the beginning, they promoted pop-up events in places like Fort Lauderdale’s up-and-coming FAT Village arts district, and now the group helps steer some of YAA’s programming, organizing events, artist workshops, and exhibitions. Together, BLA chair Zack Spechler, cochair Ali Spechler, art director and curator Rory Carracino, designer Ben Morey, project managers Anthony Delgreco and Andrea Trejo, and photographer Tara Penick have already produced three group exhibitions since 2011, including two that had auctions as fundraising components. They’ve also organized six artist lectures and workshops this past March that were open to the public with regular museum admission. In short, Bedlam Lorenz Assembly functions like the awesome teenaged sibling who has an ear to the ground, scouting contemporary art, street art, and interactive and hands-on projects, then figuring out how to creatively present and reinterpret it for kids or use it to raise money for the museum. By staying in South Florida and focusing their creative talents, the Bedlam Lorenz Assembly is helping to curate a more robust and exciting local art scene for the future.”

See the article here.

The Assembly would also like to congratulate The Young at Art Museum which received the title of “Best Museum”, Margi Northard (architectural designer of YAA and featured artist in our upcoming, Novemeber exhibition) who received “Best Architect” and BLA collaborators Leah Brown and Henning Haupt who have both received the 2013 South Florida Cultural Consortium Visual and Media Artists Fellowship.