PEPE MAR | 2005 – 2013


Pepe Mar, who’s work is one of the most recent acquisitions to the YAA Museum’s permanent collection, offers a grouping of large anthropomorphic collage constructions in conjunction with Where the Wild Things Are. These creature-like figurations reel with delicately strung together, sprawling cuttings from printed materials and various found objects. Allusions to a lush tropical overgrowth and images of remnants from defunct civilizations, dappled with recreational objects of chance in the form of playing cards or dice and the occasional cork and matchbox, whirl and dangle in profusion, speaking to the complexity of content amassed within them. Elevated on their pedestals and decorated like shrines, these pieces have the heir of dinosaur demi-gods or festive Chinese dragons, celebrating a union of fiction and tradition where both concepts share the same value – no matter how ridiculous or indisputable.

Z. Pepe Mar 2005.2013

Z.2 Pepe Mar 2005.2013

Z3 Pepe Spaceship

Z5. pepe Window

Z4 Pepe Detail

Z6 pepe Details 2