Naughty by Nature

Naughty by Nature BLA

OCT 18,  2014  –  NOV  1,  2014    |  BLA + 1310 GALLERY   |    ART FALLOUT 2014

Bedlam Lorenz Assembly and 1310 Gallery present Naughty by Nature: an array of South Floridian artists’ explorations, interpretations, and visual explanations of perhaps the single characteristic connecting us to one-another; the human body. Here, the corporeal and cerebral and the sexual and grotesque reveal themselves in sculptural and installation-based works with a distorted focus on flesh, tissue, organs and everything in between. Bear witness to individual discovery and open your realm of comfort to uncover the naked truth.

FEAUTRING WORK BY | Alejandra Aristizabal / Yael Azoulay / Adrienne Chadwick / Caroline Collette / Amanda Covach / Griselle Gaudnik / Jessie Laino / Ben Morey / Evie Metz / Samantha Nye / Lisa Rockford / Ali Spechler / Adrienne Tabet

CURATORS | Zack Spechler / Tabatha Mudra
SPECIAL THANKS | Stephy Pinto / Anthony DelGrecko / Edwin Geuvara / Stephen Ast / All Wrapped Up
DESIGN | Ben Morey
DOCUMENTATION | Tabatha Mudra / Stephy Pinto / Tara Penick / Monica McGivern