Terraforming & Attempts At Autonomy



New work by  Samantha Salzinger

Terraforming, a solo exhibition by Samantha Salzinger, is a collection of created environments that involve the spectator in a subjective relation to the landscape, through fabricated photographs. There is a boundlessness that is evoked in the sublime – a limitlessness that supersedes us. Beyond the nature of our judgment and dignity, we become aware of ourselves in the face of the wonder, awe, and terror in this aesthetic experience. With a sense of greatness, limitations, aspirations, strengths, weaknesses, and failings – with all the different dimensions of what it means to be human, the sublime can act as a mirror of the infinite. The images ask the viewer to consider the human experience and ponder our origins, our destiny, and our place in the universe.

VIP PREVIEW PARTY | 1 / 29 /2016         OPENING | 1 / 30 /2016        CLOSING | 2 / 27 /2016
Box Contemporary | FAT Village  /  520 NW 1st Ave. Fort Lauderdale FL 33301

Attempts At Autonomy

Attempts at Autonomy

A reaction to What it Takes to be a Body, a site specific installation by Mattia Casalegno

Mattia Casalegno / Ron Erlih / Noelle Fitzsimmons / Katerina Friderici
Jessie Laino / Michael Powell / Laurencia Strauss / Joe Winograd

 Attempts at Autonomy, is a group exhibition curated by Jesse Firestone and Zack Spechler in reaction to internationally acclaimed artist Mattia Casalegno’s site specific installation, What it Takes to be a Body. Prompted by the French philosopher Michel Serres’ book Variations on the Body, Casalegno’s large scale installation reflects on the idea of beauty and the fallacy of the presumed superiority of man and its machines over nature.

In reaction to the installation are several smaller satellite works, which are inspired by biological processes and the efforts to recreate those processes through mechanical reproduction. The results are innovative hybrid artworks that straddle the line between machine and organism. The exhibition features sculptural interventions, large scale installations, video projections, and augmented realities. Attempts at Autonomy begins to deconstruct what it means to be a bio-organism, and demonstrates ways in which artists have created bio-tech hybrid systems that are neither machine nor organism.

 VIP PREVIEW PARTY | 1 / 29 /2016         OPENING | 1 / 30 /2016        CLOSING | 2 / 27 /2016
The Projects | FAT Village  /  521 NW 1st Ave. Fort Lauderdale FL 33301