We Own Your Imagination

Photos by Teodora Dakova and Tara Penick

Art Fallout   |   October 5th, 2013   |   5 – 9pm    |   520 North Andrews Ave. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309   |   BLA + THE PUBLIC

Bedlam Lorenz Assembly’ occupation of 520 North Andrews Avenue (Latitude: 26° 7′ 42.8262″
 Longitude: -80° 8′ 36.7224″) and the surrounding territory remained effective October 5th throughout the duration of the impending 2013 Art Fallout. From 9:00 through 24:00 ceasefire was suspended as civilians were invited to enter the compound for on-site access to an arsenal of water balloon paint bombs, pigment pistols and pneumatic color cannons within a multi-tiered base & live-firing range. All exertions of the collective public imagination upon the battlefield effectively became the exclusive property of the assembly in the form of the technicolor aftermath left behind.

Photos by Teodora Dakova

In preparation for nonviolent paint-propultion, the entirety of the site was erased in a layer of airtight whitewash sprawling over the walls, structures and the grass below. The base, comprised of tire structures, scaffold-based forts and a see saw provided shelter and lookout points for to civilians utilize when aiming and firing against the expanse of blank concrete ahead.

Photos by Tara Penick and Teodora Dakova

We Own Your Imagination is a play on violence as sport, taking aggression and synthesizing it into the driving means to a productive end: a cumulative record of literal blast fallout in paint distilled from an instance in which public art became the right of the public to create. Through actionist painting, using the compound’s artillery, BLA called upon the public to combat the notion that so-called “public art” is a sacred opportunity given to a chosen few by those that would wish to curate our world for us. If you think, see potential and pay taxes it is your right to fight as those who fought October 5th, 2013: one small explosion at a time.

Photos by Tara Penick
Photos by Tara Penick


Photo by Teodora Dakova
Photo by Teodora Dakova

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